Winter Care Tips for Pets

Winter Care Tips for Pets

Winter is here! And that means all our Johns, Aryas & Sansas i.e. our pooches are ready to give us a tough fight for snuggles and cuddles. Winters make everyone go cozy and feeling lazy at the same time.

And yes! It applies to pets too. 

Following a regular routine in winters can be tough. Being a pet parent, there are many questions that arise in our mind. 

Here are a few tips which will help you in taking care of your furries during this winter.

Warm Clothing

Fur works like a natural insulator for animals. They are not meant to wear warm clothes. Their bodies adjust according to the weather & climate. Dogs and cats seasonally shed their hair and develop a new, thicker coat by themselves. But that said, warm clothing can still be used by pet parents for their fur babies. 

You can dress them in warm clothing for their daily walks. If you live in the mountains or or in extreme cold weather, then do opt for something warm for your pets. It also depends on the dog’s breed. If you have a Husky living in the mountains, then you might not need any warm clothing since it is their natural habitat. But if there is one  advantage of these warm clothes, it is the fact that our pooches look super cute!

Beds for your Pets

Although our pets have fur as a natural insulator, they still love to snuggle in their beds.

If you like seeing them snuggle like that, then we have a solution for that! Try & give them their own separate bed. Make sure it is comfy & cozy so that they can have their “me time”. Trust us pets do need it to be goofy & alone! Cats and dogs are not cuddlers by their inherent nature. But if your pet is, then it is a blessing from the furr gods!!!

But keeping snuggles aside, do keep in mind the chances of zoonotic disease too.

Regular Grooming

Regular brushing of your pets makes their hair grow healthy and shiny. It is also because of the massage they get while you do it. It helps you keep the extra loose hair at bay.

Getting it done by professionals provides extra benefits of bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, massages, etc as well. It helps them relax & soothes their body too.

Massaging your pet with a safe carrier oil will also help to keep the dryness away during winters. You can opt for coconut oil, almond oil or hemp seed oil. These help in getting rid of dry and flaky skin.

A bath should  be given once every 15 days. But if your pet isn’t comfortable, then go for a waterless bath product! 

Diet and Exercise

In order to keep the body warm, more energy is required and thus the diet has to increase. It is the natural mechanism of the body during the colder season. Cold weather also limits & reduces the amount of outdoor workout & exercises. 

High appetite and less exercise can lead to obesity in pets. To overcome this, a fiber rich diet can help to keep them fulfilled for a longer duration of time and investing time in indoor exercises can help to keep them in good shape. 

Diets enriched in omega, honey, peanuts and natural herbs have multiple health benefits which will increase their immunity. 


Low temperature shrinks the thirst response, leading to dehydration, dry skin, paws and nose. 

Adding some extra water in the food or treating them with different soups will also fulfill their needs of hydration.

Regular Health Check-ups

Senior dogs or dogs with bone-related issues like arthritis face a lot of hardship during the winter season. Massaging them with a good Hemp Seed Oil and regular check-ups with a vet will help tackle this issue. 

Ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Also keep their deworming schedule in mind. Do visit your vet to make sure they are protected against all forms of diseases. 

Pro tip: Strays have a habit to snuggle under cars during winters. Always check your car before starting it or pre-warn them by honking.

While we have suggested a few tips, don’t forget to snuggle with your pet! Let’s follow these vet-approved tips to make this winter season an easy breezy ride for them. If you need any assistance, our in-house vets are just one call away. You can also consult our trainers & grooming team for some extra dose of love for your fur babies. 

If you wish to be a part of an ever growing pet parent community, then join Wiggles Tribe on Facebook today and get all your queries answered by our in-house vets!

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