Wiggles, Our Mascot Reviews Petsville Dog Boarding

Wiggles, Our Mascot Reviews Petsville Dog Boarding

Hey hoomans how are you? Long time no see, no saw, no paw! :D I’m giving tons of kisses and wet boops hehe, all for free! Today I'm gonna tell you y’all about my experience at this pawsome place I stayed in.

My hooman Anushka had to go off for some impawtent work for a week, you see I’m her right paw, so she tells me everything! I couldn’t go with her. Shucks! I did want to check out the new smells and woofs on the road! But you know what, she did share the most amazing news!

She told me that someone was gonna come and pick me up before she left and that's exactly what happened. A little doggie van showed up at our door and she gave me a kiss and I hopped into the vehicle. I immediately made myself comfortable and was feeling pretty relaxed. It was really cozy in there and we also had some toys to play with. There was another doggo with us on our trip to the hotel. Her name was Elsa . We barked at other moving cars for a while after which I fell asleep. 

I woke up to see Elsa getting out of the van. I did too and got to see the most beautiful place on Pawnet Earth. The banner read “Petsville.” I couldn't wait to explore this place already. After all the necessary paperwork, health check-up and tick treatment pack, I was ready to have the time of my life! The gates opened and it felt like they were the Gateways to Play Pawradise! I saw before me, the majestic land of Petsville. Then came a hooman who patted my head and gave me and Elsa a tour of the place. We saw the lush green garden, the swimming pool filled with splashes of utter joy, the Bark Park where we would be trained and at last we were taken  to our fully air conditioned rooms where me and Elsa rested for a while. We woke up to the sound of jingling bells only to hear that it was lunch time. Yayy!!! Nom nom time is my favorite and guess what, they had my favorite dish. My happiness knew no bounds! That afternoon I had a smol nap after which I was taken out to play in the Bark Park. You should have seen my zoomies, I was in my barkest element! They even clicked a few of my pics in action, do see and like!

After sitting at home all day during the lockdown I was excited to run freely again. I ran around and round, over the bushes and under the tunnel until I was exhausted and then I laid down facing the pretty blue sky. A light breeze brushing past my fur. I loved this. I felt calm, peaceful and ready to pupsplore new scents!

After dinner, which was pawtastic we went to our own little rest zones where we spent the night. Ding ding ding, it was morning time, which meant time to exercise. After which I had a training session where they taught me a lot of tricks. It was pretty fun. After which came the moment for which I had been waiting this whole time. It was time to hit the splashy waters. I jumped into the water and swam to my heart's content. There were trainers nearby who were cheering me on and it felt very special. I had a Grooming Session too which was fabulous, I enjoyed it.

I was there for 7 days but time flew by and I didnt even realize that it had been that long. Every new day I loved Petsville even more and on my last day of stay, I had a checkup before leaving and whilst I was leaving a hooman came and gave me a bag full of goodies. Yayy! I was more excited than ever but I also didn't wanna leave. My hooman had come to pick me up and I ran towards her with the goodie bag in my mouth. Never have I grown attached to a place as much as I have to Petsville and I hope to visit again soon.

 Woof woof! Over & Out!

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